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art training

The only art training I have is in watercolour painting which of course has included some basic drawing lessons...

  • The first class I took was a night class the summer of 2003 at NSCAD (Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design) - "Introduction to WaterColour".
  • Started a class with Kay Stanfield January, 2004. Cancelled by me after two classes due to moving etc.
  • Night class in Musquodoboit with Heather Crout, Summer, 2005.
  • Three day workshop with Ron Hazell , May 2006.
  • Night class in Musquodoboit with Heather Crout, Spring, 2006.

And while the first watercolour class got me started - the main point for continued training seems to be that it forces me to paint - so taking more watercolour classes is not for me - what I need to do is paint - and Draw!

My watercolour web site:

I have, as noted above, taken a three day workshop with an acknowledged master of watercolour, Ron Hazell. While it was interesting to see how someone who is a master of the "art" paints - for me that was as far as it goes...

From what I could see there was very little teaching going on - to the point where painting by yourself on a regular basis would teach you as much if not more.

One student who appeared to approach Mr. Hazell's skill and technique in painting recieved a compliment...

Another student who only drew the buildings she was in theory going to paint received a compliment as well. In her case for her "draughtsmanship"...

Is that the only point? A compliment from the person giving the workshop?

No, seminars are not for me either...

the future

As most web comic creator/artists state one of the main points of having a web comic is to spend more time drawing. It is very interesting to see how the style changes over the course of a hundred or more strips.

There are exceptions of course, for example Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff was created and drawn by a professional Illustrator and he has drawn his web comic in the same style from the beginning. Nice if you can do that...

So, my plan for the future:



Repeat... Repeat... Repeat...

When I was in grade one (Ottawa, ON) we did finger painting. I don't remember doing any finger painting earlier in school... I do remember I really enjoyed it when I finally did get a chance in grade one, and wanted to do it again. I never understood why it wasn't part of the curriculum, even in junior high, high school... A re-creation of the finished piece of art is at right.

Actually, in the first half of grade one (Cornwall, ON) before we moved I had a memorable art teacher that thought I had talent and made me promise to keep working on my art... after this discussion (my last day of school before moving) she let me pick a book from the class library to keep as a memento. I chose "Mr. Pine's Purple House."

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