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Why are the first three strips almost exactly the same?

Strip number one is a scan of the very first pencil envyTM that appeared in the printed Eric Bailey Computer Drafting newsletter in June of 1999.

The second strip is a "drawn in the computer" version of the first strip.

And the third one is that second strip with colour added.

How often will pencil envyTM be updated?

The plan is for it to be updated once a month. Exactly when once a month is, will be determined after things settle down re. school/work.

OK, it will be kind of random...

If the main character is based on yourself, what about the other characters?

In order to protect the guilty all of the other characters are compilations and/or just plain made up. The only other exception besides myself are pets...

Where did you get your fonts?

From Nate Piekos - Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering.

The main font is called Ashcan and the special effects font is 12 Ton Goldfish both are offered for free. Blambot's free fonts are free to anyone using them for their own comic - for details check the Blambot web site.

How do you create your comic strip?

Pencil and Paper... Computer and Autodesk® SketchBook Pro®

Also RealDraw PRO V is used to give the occasional computer generated/scanned in content a pencil drawn look.

Most of the strips will be drawn on paper for preliminary/layout work and then re-drawn in the computer. Occasionaly a "preliminary sketch" will be scanned into the computer as a final strip.

Other computer software may be used to add colour and/or texture...

How did you create the pencil envyTM web site?

XARA Web Designer Premium 9, TOPSTYLE Pro 3.5 and
HTML Kit Tools

Paint Shop Pro and other graphic software...

... and Walrus 2.9 for the comic gallery.

Laid out and tested with Firefox ...

I occasionaly check out a number of web comics...

But by far my favourite ones are:

Atland by Nate Piekos.

banner_atland_button.gif - 2861 Bytes

Atland is coming back on May 4, 2015 ... at over 300 strips it's worth a look in any case...

His new strip Beserker's Daughter - is not bad, but 'tis no Lily and Vanessa !

Digger by Ursula Vernon.


Not being produced at the moment... has over 700 strips ! At one time around the 300th you had to pay a small fee...

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff.


And yes, I want that sailboat !

Hard to imagine more different web comics but all three are excellent !

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