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beginnings the future original concept from pencil to tablet
When I first conceived of pencil envy TM , I had no website or email - I had no computer. pencil envy TM was going to be in my printed newsletter for Eric Bailey Computer Drafting and at the time that was as far ahead as I was looking. Only one strip was ever produced for the newsletter, in June of 1999. I was very busy working contract CAD at the time - not to mention house renovations and getting married that year! I started in computer drafting at an interesting time, when companies were just starting to convert to computer drafting. The transition was not a smooth one... to say the least. The frustration from being told to use the computer when a piece of paper and a pencil
would have done a better job certainly made an impression on me. Years later after I became self-employed in 1998, the comic strip I was to create for my newsletter would reflect that! It would be done in pencil.
T he original concept was to follow the adventures of a mild mannered computer draftsman as he worked his first real "nine to five" job and did battle with the bureaucracies of a large company. My description of the comic strip that appeared in my first newsletter dated April 1, 1999 is as follows: "It's similar to Dilbert ® but cheekier and not from the engineer's viewpoint -- but rather from the CAD-Operator's and the computer's viewpoint." The following June the first pencil envy TM covered
some of those basic concepts. O ne difference not mentioned at the time was that the engineers I worked with wouldn't consider mere software engineers to be real engineers...
I n the sixteen years since (2015) the concept has expanded way beyond what I had first envisioned. While the strip will still be based on the same mild-mannered computer draftsman (me) it will also cover many other topics. These will be sprinkled at random through the course of the strip and will be random jokes, editorials etc. It will also be more than an occasionally issued strip. I have dozens and dozens of strips ready to be put on "paper" as it were.
A s well as many more strips than originally planned, marketing such as T- shirts and Coffee Mugs etc. will be produced for sale. Marketing material is NOT available at this time !
A s stated above, the strip will follow the same basic concept just expanded upon and revised to support the change to being created in the computer. The original strip was surprisingly complicated to produce because photocopying a pencil drawn image more than once loses the qualities that make it "pencil" drawn. In order to solve this problem the pencil drawn strip had to be pasted-up in the proper place in the laser printed page of the newsletter and then that was photocopied (once) onto the preprinted coloured paper "blank" purchased for that purpose. W hile scanners are better now and scanning in a pencil drawn image is an option, as soon as I tried Autodesk ® SketchBook Pro ® with a tablet I was sold. Using this software will retain the pencil drawn look even though it is created in the computer.
S o this is how I will produce most, if not all, of the pencil envy TM strips in the future. Other software programs will be used as well to add colour and texture etc. C olour strips will on occasion be created as well. They will look like a pencil drawing with watercolour added behind the lines.
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